Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Not Only the Americans Working

As Steven previously described, we did in fact try multiple times to blog but were taken out by the strength of the tropical thunderstorms. Not to mention that there's NO stopping this group. We manage to split off in teams to mud walls, paint rooms, cut brush, build fences, and a lot of new friendships. The village children often gather in the yard and across the street to watch the transformation. Many of the locals also come to help or bring gifts of vegetables or fruit. We have managed to keep everyone happy and healthy. the group marvels over how well Anthony and Maria Elena have taken care of them. The group has also had time to visit Trinidad and Santa Barbara as well as to have a 'pool party' at our local friend Chilo's pool, which is really a coffee bean soaking tank! The house is really coming along at an unbelievable rate!! We'll be working on the fence for the play yard tomorrow as well as attending church and having a 'feista' to celebrate the group's accomplishments and giving them an opportunity to meet ALL of the children in our program and awaiting the opening of Los Angelitos.DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for anyone being held up at customs because they've tried to carry home their favorite nino, like Jose who worked alongside us frequently, taking great pride in what will soon be a new place for he and his friends!


  1. Mom I'm so proud of you! hope all the hard work is good for your back. <(")

  2. Rosemary wants Heidi to know how very proud of her I am that I miss talking to her. Remember everything Heidi so you can tell me all about it. God Bless and keep you and everyone safe. Big Hugs

  3. I am glad everyone is well..just wanted to let Heidi know that i am thinking of her and hope she is enjoying all the fruit..I miss you Heidi and cant wait to see always my thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

  4. I am so glad things are going well for you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Sharon, what is this childs name? I thought it was Mario! Hope all is well. I am really missing the group. Still processing everything. Thanks for an incredible experience. I would go any where in the world with my fellow service team members. Tell Maria Lana and Anthony MUCHO MUCHO GRACIAS AND I HOPE TO SEE THEM IN THE USA SOON. Also tell the girls that helped cook for us I miss their beautiful smiles.
    God Bless