Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Excited to Sleep!!!!

It may sound like a running theme here but, trust me, it's ALL true! It takes a tremendous amount of faith to not allow myself the very human anxiety that should certainly come with what I'm trying to lead in this effort. Alas, I too, get a few strains of anxiety over the enormity that began as three sad-eyed children on a bench. Then I go to the mailbox, a lunch date, or a meeting and like magic, the next bridge is crossed. It may come in the form of a check, a new idea, another person who believes that they too CAN make a difference in this troubled world by lending a hand. I often sit back after these moments of wonder with gratitude and a heart that thinks how lucky I am to have such fine people surrounding me.You out there who have become a part of those treasured moments, thanks for your faith in me, your smiles, your hearts extended. If you've been looking for that opportunity, reach out. We're an email or a phone call away. You have NO idea how important and loved you can be to a child in need, an amigo waiting for your hand.

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