Saturday, July 9, 2011

Urgency at Sunrise

Morning is here with a new set of challenges. Sadly they are always about money, not what's good and right and just in the world. A phone call from our Honduran partners, Maria Elena and Anthony, has left us with an inevitable to secure transportation for the program. Their personal vehicle which they have so willingly shared with Daisy's has died completely. Would require a new motor which is out of the question when considering the overall age and condition of the vehicle. I know in my heart my primary focus is always feeding the children but without transportation.....there is no access to nutritional food. Not the typical daily challenge for a K teacher it is and now searching for a real way to resolve it has become my focus. Stretch the networking and see what presents itself. I'm completely open to any ideas you may have or any connections you are willing to share. Thanks to those who will reach out.

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