Monday, January 16, 2012

A Frigid Morning East Coast Style While Preparing for Return to Village

This has been a morning of adapting to reality and counting the gifts and reassurances that what Daisy's has become is exactly what we need to be. I have been called many things lately that stretch my comfort zone..... I am a bridge, a conduit, a voice for what I believe is true and right and just in the world.I am always searching for ways to further educate myself as to the valid needs and desires of my Honduran families; ever in awe of the amazing connections that continue to develop on behalf of those beautiful faces and hearts,young and old, the dreams that are now developing in those nourished minds and bodies. I have learned to keep asking, keep redesigning the approach and always keep the myriad of wide eyed faces in my heart,mind and soul. As I prepare to return to my second home in February, new doors open. I will travel with relative strangers to introduce them to our project. I will meet with the new doctor in the government clinic, the mayor to further develop a learning and community center for older students and adults,host a team of professors from U.ME. Augusta designing an alternative break for their students. I will have a chance to see our new 60L/hr. Ecofiltro water filters at work providing delicious cold clean drinking water. And I will walk down that dusty road where clarity will present itself. I will wrap myself in the love and laughter of 100+ children who receive the blessings all of you provide. There are no words for the depth of my gratitude. Please continue to follow us on this journey.We'll be coming to you live from a mountain top soon. (2/18-2/24). Would love to have you share your comments, suggestions, and takes on how we can all make this happen together.

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