Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Rafters Were Rocking as Youth Sang for 'Their Supper'

Saturday, March 3 found a small and extremely talented group of youth from local elementary, junior and high schools using their talents to feed forward. An Open Mic night was held in the vestry of FPFC church on the corner of Main and Academy

Streets in South Berwick. Young and old alike clapped,tapped and sang along to both treasures of the past and the latest and greatest of current music.Their foresight and dedication to supporting Daisy's Children carried over into coffee hour after worship when they elected to sell the left over refreshments rather than self indulge. Their efforts raised an additional 677 meals and 338 snacks for the young children of Daisy's, thousands of miles away and truly unknown to them. I couldn't be more humbled by their talents and their willingness to share. The lives of the young who will receive nutritious food in their honor will be richer for the blessing. I have encouraged several of them to join us this summer and share their talents live with the children they serve. Let's take this show on the road!!!! (I always wanted to be a groupie!! :)!!!!)

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