Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maine Contingency Arrives

Through the River and Over the Mountain
 to Dominga's House We Go

Nolvia Watches from the Doorway

Abuela in Her Glory
 Doing What She Does Best

Monkey or Tree?
Which is Which???
Three somewhat weary travelers arrived on Friday to begin a week of exploration and adventure. One for the first time. the other two had not been in the village for 2 and 4 years. Children they knew previously have grown and changed incredibly with the program in place. Some were unrecognizable. All were accepting and grateful for their presence. Barbara French, affectionately known by most as Gram, Abuela in the village, assumed her place in the guarderia, with either a baby in her lap or a spoon in her hand. Amanda resumed her pace throughout the village as if she had never left. JP, affectionately named Amorcito, stretched the limits of his back, by becoming a horse for the neighborhood children who followed us home. A trip to explore the neighboring village of Las Flores, with an astounding 12 fit into every crevice of the aging Montero Sport, led to another discovery of life's true conditions for one of our families.
A quick stop at the current home of Yester and Sindy gave us the opportunity to snag them for a visit and bring them to the house. My heart was heavy after talking with Sindy to find that life has taken yet another cruel twist for these two children. Sadly, they are being played as an income source rather than as children to be loved. Another chapter to be researched and processed. As we end the day with yet another cold shower and full body weariness, we do it with smiles on our faces with a deeper understanding of the reasons for our presence. 119 of them!!!!

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