Monday, April 7, 2014

Commit 2 Care Red Carpet Event

Looking for fun loving people who are willing to join us to spoof on the Oscars. Red carpet event, lights, cameras, paparazzi. Signature cocktails, celebrity look alike contest. Dress for cocktails or appear as your favorite Hollywood star or movie character. Select your star for our Walk of Fame. See the premiere of our documentary trailer as well as our Commit 2 Care sponsorship campaign. We're still looking for waitresses, celebrity look alikes, even best and worst dressed participants. Contact Sharon at if you're willing to make this a premiere not soon to be forgotten!!!
Check in to see how you can receive 2 free event tickets!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Moment of Pondering

Marvin Esteva

Proud Parents

Home for Seven
A drizzly Sunday afternoon lends itself to pondering next steps to continue all that life is bringing to children in our village. As I prepare further announcements, pending press releases, etc. to push forward, my mind often roams to recent memories that reinforce all that we do. My last full day in the village, just last Monday (wow!!!) was spent partially in the daycare but the true goal was to bring the rest of the Maine contingency to the home of a family so that they would better understand from whence our children come and go each day. Of course it involved a short drive on rough terrain. Then the car was left at the bottom of a rocky hillside as we progressed on foot a short but steep distance and then into the lush jungle-like footpath that led to the home of 7. I, of course, immediately began playing with the children, after quick introductions of my followers to Mom and Dad. The group of 3 approached cautiously and respectfully, being given full access to photos and open doorways into the single, dark, dirt floored room by the parents. I clicked photos, spoke with the children, and faded into the background not wanting to influence perceptions. I moved closer to Maria Elena and the parents to listen to the father expressing his gratitude for the project. His wife stood nearby, nursing the youngest. She tearfully spoke of the pride she felt in being able to help her family. Both she and her husband are now able to work cutting wood for sale and planting corn for harvest, which they gladly do together. She nodded to share her pride in being able to buy a wooden table and bed for her family to sleep on rather than the usual dirt floor. As I packed the final items the following morning to leave this village, I asked Maria Elena and Anthony to take the few limpiras I had left and to buy three loads of wood from this family. Their pride would be intact, they would be rewarded for their hard work, and another poor family could receive the wood to cook for their family. The true roots to everything we do, dignity intact. The day's effects are yet to be fully understood. I hope to have access to sharing them soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time Travel

Dominga, Spouse, and Marvin Esteva

Yester, Post Bath
It always feels like I've traveled the dimensions of time when I return to the states. It's incredible to transcend worlds in a matter of less than 24 hours. My body seems to subconciously take care of that by creating a need for fits of slumber. Today brings a day of catching up and reentry. The rest of the Maine contingency will spend their final full day with the children in the guarderia and pack to return to the states. The true impact of their journey is yet to be seen or felt on many levels both for them and the children of our project. Straining to reenter the time zone where life speeds up, demands must be instantly met, and the pace of the morning in the village evaporates. A few days of reorientation and all will be well. Enjoy these pics. Hope to post an album to the website with our favs soon!!!