Thursday, July 16, 2009

AMIGOS from Amanda's Perspective

Wednesday began with much anticipation for the AMIGOS container after many days back and forth to Puerto Cortes. It still amazes me how much work goes into getting the buckets in the States and then getting them out of the port and then to Concepcion del Norte. It is no easy task on Maria Elena and Anthony's part as once the container gets to the port it means back and forth several times, lots of gas, driving, and time away from their family. Maria Elena describes it much like child birth in that you have some painful moments but once the container is released what it means for the children is hope and a full stomach and it's worth all the work. We had a great crew of people both young and old and the mayor acquired two larger trucks to haul buckets up the mountain(which made for fewer trips.) Everyone is excited with the arrival of the food, supplies for the clinic, and sewing machines for the women. They send many "Thank Yous" to everyone for their donations. I would like to extend a special thank you to Rita Anderson for all the time and energy she put into sewing the clothes for the children and the women's skirts. Some of the children in Concepcion del Norte only have an outfit or two so when they receive a new shirt or skirt it means a lot to them, so thank you. Sharon held her first English class in the church yard today. We only had 4 people show up but I think it is a good start and once more people find out about the class, more will come. Maria Elena and Anthony had to go to San Pedro Sula today so Sharon and I had a chance to cook supper for a change. We cooked spaghetti and it is no small task in Honduras. Everything is harder here and there's more steps to the simplest of things. It's hard. It's important with as much time as we spend here to learn how to clean our food and prepare it so we don't get sick, but it is a long process. I am happy to report that I only have 4 bug bites that I know of which is a lot better than in past trips. I'm usually covered by day 8. We are having a great time with our kids and some new friends too. It is still very overwhelming to us that everyone wants to know us here, and talk to us, because we're different. It's nice. Maria Elena made fresh mango juice to go with our beans and rice today from mangoes in the yard.Iit was so delicious. I will close for now. It's almost time for my Spanish lesson, more later.

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