Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait.........................

We spent until 1:30pm waiting for the anticipated early morning call for the delivery of the truck again. Many people from the village gathered in the church yard to help. Some of them were here as early as 8:00am. Being of the like mind of never missing an opportunity that presents itself, Amanda and I spent this time deepening relationships with some of our children. We managed to feed young David some mashed mango and a 1/2 bottle of milk while we played with him. While David rested in a nearby playpen, Amanda began a game of catch that evolved into a game where if you didn't catch the ball you had to sing in Spanish in the center of everyone. Of course the teacher in me made adults play as well as children. Lo and behold it rapidly became a bilingual lesson and a lot of all out laughter.(We've been reported to have been spotted dancing like ducks, during this time of political unrest.) Of course our prayers are still with these people for a speedy resolve. I sometimes feel our sense of humor often sharpens here because it is such a heart breaking place to be a part of. The child, David, that Amanda is holding is 2 1/2 years old and has an obvious birth defect, similar to what we know as cerebral palsy. David's mother had never been able to take him to a specialist prior to participation in our program. Sadly a visit to a physician here does not bring her much more satisfaction or answers to her concerns about caring for him properly. There are few if any schools for children with special needs here. We will research this more. (If anyone out there knows more- please share this information.) My wish- a sponsor, and lots of prayers for David. He is often left with his sister who is 11 while his mother works. Not an easy job for a girl so young! Should your heart soften for the little one known as le novio de Sharon in the village (my boyfriend)- only $1.70/day can change his life!

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