Monday, July 27, 2009

Awaiting the Return of Power

Now that's a heading that could certainly mean different things in this country at this time. I'm taking the high road and avoiding politics, which is pretty difficult when you look into the eyes of those truly being hurt by monetary sanctions. Excuse my lack of postings. We have actually been without power for three days in the village. Our meals are being cooked more traditionally and bedtime becomes when the last rooster crows at dusk. The two girls pictured here are Martha and Maribel. They are the two youngest in the most recent family to receive our aid. There is an older brother, Jose' and an older sister, Gladys. Single mother, Annabel, works in the afternoons doing laundry and cleaning in order to earn a meal for her children. She waits for Gladys to get home to care for Maribel, so she cannot begin work until after 1:00pm. Our goal today is to attempt to get to the city of San Pedro Sula with 2 of our family members in order to get them medical attention. We were unable to do this on Friday as planned due to the political situation. We called the doctor to make sure it was possible to come in. Another long, and albeit impossible, journey for two Hondurans fortunate enough to become a part of our mission. ????? Fortunate enough to have access to medical care that may cost us a total of $80 for the 2 of them. When a single mother makes less than $2/day, one can readily see how such a need is often left unattainable. Hmmmm....... and justice for all. Easy for us to say.... can we live it?????

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