Sunday, July 12, 2009

An early mountain chorus line

We are coming to you live from our bedside. We compose this propped up with pillows and a good sence of humor. Morning began somewhere around 2:30-3 with a full orchestra of tropical birds and a thousand roosters, but wait it's now 6 am and the solo starving dog who's howling has just started in. A rooster purched on the roof is competing for center stage. Only in Honduras can one lay in bed wanting to blast the head off your alarm clocks! :-)" That's real spiritual Sharon." says Amanda. Today is a holiday for all pastors in Honduras, it is actually called Pastors Day where the congregation celebrates their pastor. We are excited to think that our families from the mountains and Las Flores will be in church today.It is rumored that one of our mothers is expecting another baby. Many thanks to those who are watching our progress and sending us comments, it's nice to feel connected in a world so different from our own. More later. The day begins.

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