Friday, July 10, 2009

Fences to Build and Chickens Being Purchased

Sharon and Amanda are working on gaining access to the internet, they are having technical issues related to finding the correct cords and service for their laptop to get on a local "dial up" access to the be able to update this blog themselves. They spent several hours yesterday, with no luck, trying to locate phone cards for their Honduran cell phones so they can call home to relay information to all of you. They are using Maria Elena's cell phone to make short calls home until they can acquire their own phone minutes. They had high hopes when I spoke to them last night, that they would go to a close by city to find the things they need to get either phone cards and or internet access to keep us informed of their trip.

Today's adventures (Friday July 10Th) will include a return trip to the city to locate communication devices and then they return to Concepcion del Norte to build and paint a fence, for the arrival of chickens, they are purchasing, for the families to raise for eggs as a food source.

Until Sharon and Amanda get reconnected with us electronically, I will continue to relay the information they provide to me by phone on this blog. Steve

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  1. Gram Barb is happy to be able to check in and know you are safe. We are watching from Home Depot Biddeford Maine. We will continue to check in and pray for your trip. God Bless