Friday, July 10, 2009

We Have the Technology!!!!

After a very long day travelling through many miles of mountain roads in the heat the dust and the traffic we have gotten our phones and internet access. Unfortunately due to many circumstances I'll explain at a later time, we are yet to attain the release of the AMIGOS container. After traveling since 7am, we returned to the long and treacherous mountain road from Bien Nueva to Concepcion del Norte. I am learning more and more that NOTHING is easy in Honduras. A torential thunder and lightening storm in the dark, led us to cross a river in the road. Home now. More tomorrow


  1. Wow!!! I feel like I just got fired! Glad to hear you can now keep us all informed with your own words, rather than from postings from my short term memory by telephone!
    Rain... lucky you! We have had sunshine since you left! :)

  2. We have shunshine everyday and the temperature is about 39 degrees centigrade. Any converters out there? Only disturbed by the occational thunderstorm that blows over everything in sight, including me Amanda:-)

  3. 102 Deg Fahrenheit