Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gladys Helps Sort and Organize Donations

For those of you who haven't met yet, meet Gladys. She is part of our flock at F.P.F.C. in South Berwick, Maine. Gladys first participated in our Daisy's flock to introduce our children in Sunday School to how they could both be a member of the flock, and a shepherd by aiding children in Honduras. Gladys has been cared for by several children in our congregation and has decided to join us to assist. As the children gather change in their Daisy's jars to return to church on communion Sunday, Gladys has been sorting the hundreds of donated items now in Honduras. From clothing, to shampoo, to school supplies, and 65 pair of shoes. We have been able to put together gift bags for each of the eight families we currently serve containing toiletries, toothbrushes, an outfit for each child, clothing for the parents, coloring books and crayons, a few small cars for the boys, and shoes for all with Gladys' ever diligent eye. (She really is a GREAT supervisor!) One problem though, she has been seen roaming the hillside in the latter part of the day. She's hoping to find someone who could sheer her wool. She's finding the temperature here very taxing. She's often found taking a siesta midday as she's exhausted.Either that, or she's sitting in the shade with her Spanish dictionary and a sandia! (watermelon juice). Such is the life of a shepherd!

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