Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Gladys Torres

Gladys is sitting attentively at our Sunday Family Meeting with most of our families in attendance. It was an opportunity for me to meet with them all and share my celebrations as well as concerns. I felt it was important to acknowledge all of the work taking place in the U.S. on their behalf. I also reinforced that they're the first assistance their children rely on. Without their help our efforts will be useless. I reeducated them on the need to regularly pick up their food and vitamins as well as preparing it with the provided clean water. We discussed the need for the children to be clean and drinking the clean water and juice provided instead of the typical coffee and coca-cola. I also made sure that they understood the importance of ongoing medical care and records. Anyone who had a personal health concern or that of their children should let Maria Elena know and arrangements would be made for a visit to a specialist and follow up care. With the provision of school uniforms and other required supplies also comes their responsibility to insure that their children attend regularly. We let them know of the numbers of individuals following our blog from around the world and the significance of them being the first families to demonstrate the success of our project. Their efforts would only help others waiting for inclusion. An opportunity for questions or concerns was given. The only response was that of overwhelming gratitude for all Daisy's Children is doing for their families, lots of hugs, and blessings. The final and most significant response was that of the big smiles on the children's faces as they walked away with their latest care packages- not to mention the spaghetti covered kiss planted by Yester. All in a days work :-)

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