Monday, July 13, 2009

Get a Load of Those Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought I'd experiment with learning how to upload an image and at the same time introduce you to one of the reasons it has been SO easy to be drawn to this place of abject poverty. Meet my friend Yester Antonio Perdormo. Yester is 2 1/2 and from verbal reports has a kidney problem. He has spent a week in a government hospital within the last year. This in and of itself lets me know how serious it was. His mother must find a way to get to Santa Barbara, at least an hour away over treacherous mountain roads. At times his kidney shuts down and his body fills with fluid. Our goal in this visit is to obtain whatever scanty medical records are available and get him to a specialist in the city. My concern is that he is still visibly tiny even though he has been receiving improved nutrition, vitamins, clean water, and access to the Kalachucha clinic now in Concepcion del Norte. Our concerns warrant further investigation. I will also meet with the mayor to access the installation of clean water and a bathroom outside his home in Las Flores. It will cost our project a mere $100USD. Alarming isn't it!?! Yester is a playful, loving child who deserves all the same amenities in life as you and I. Please consider sponsoring Yester and helping us assure that he has ongoing access to the medical treatment he deserves.

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