Friday, August 7, 2009

Time For Departure Draws Near-Reflections

As Lourdes arrived early this morning for her daily 8ozs. of Pediasure and sat in my lap the pangs of approaching distance set in. It will be most difficult to leave this time. We have truly become a part of this community and a vital link for some of these children. One cannot help but realize the value in each dollar and moment spent with these families. Even the very youngest of them recognize us and greet us with big smiles and want to play. Many of them are well aware that the Americans coming means gifts and extra food, usually more meat and fruit. We have been able to see much over this visit and will adjust some of the parameters of our program accordingly to insure that the children are getting what they need most. Our plans for linking with the schools will have to wait as the children here have only been able to attend for 3-4 days while we have been here due to
consequences of the political unrest. It just means that projects and relationships will be initiated from the States rather than Honduras. We have succeeded with the more critical needs, primarily medical intervention. This morning we again met with the mayor to initiate the installation of running water for 3 of our families. We also began conversations regarding water filtration and hygenics. This afternoon we will deliver bottled water and supplies to Mirna, Yester's mom and begin demonstrating the need for cleaning vegetables and dishes properly along with cooking with only clean water to reduce the rate of serious reinfection for Yester. On Sunday we will also meet with the parents to reinforce our goals and expectations on their parts. It's good to be busy- little time for indulging oneself in sadness. Focusing on moving forward, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the next little hand that takes yours, or the dirty face that peeks around the corner with a big smile just for you. Tough job but somebody's got to do it..... glad it's me! How about you?!?

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