Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29th The wait for settling news begins from our travelers!

Having been through this many times with Sharon and Amanda traveling to Honduras, I am getting used to waiting for news after their arrival in the village.  For those of you that do not know, after the arrival of the long flight and being picked up at the airport, they have a 3 hour drive, mostly up windy mountain dirt roads and usually many stops for supplies for the village. Trips to the airport in Honduras also include much needed supplies and wares for Maria Elana & Anthony their hosts. Journeys to the city are opportunities for things they otherwise cannot obtain.

After getting back to the village their is much anticipated celebration from the people there upon their arrival, finding time to get into the city to pay for and activate their Tigo internet USB device for communications with all of us, takes a couple of days. This is when Sharon and Amanda's family all get a little on edge in anticipation of news that they have arrived safely and all is well. Rest assured if there were any complications Maria Elana or Anthony would be calling me to let me know of any unsettling details, and no news is still GOOD NEWS when our travelers are in Honduras!

Although it is not easy awaiting their first contact, news will be following soon enough and either they will or I will post it here for all of you!

God is watching over them, I am sure of that!



  1. Thanks for posting the reassurance, Steve. Pam and I will keep checking in!
    Bruce B.

  2. Updated tonight Bruce! All is well!