Monday, June 28, 2010

Sharon & Amanda departed Sunday at 5 PM on another seven week journey.

Sharon and Amanda left yesterday Sunday, June 27th, 2010 for a seven week journey back to the project location in Honduras. They arrived last night in Florida, and were settled into their overnight hotel by 11 PM.  This morning they will return to the airport to complete the last leg of their flight to Honduras and will arrive in the village later today. They are ready to get started on the rehab of the "new" day care center and will have things ready for the "first" service team to arrive in early July. With much anticipated work to be done.. the service team is also filled with excitement for their arrival!

Until they are settled and start writing blogs themselves, I will update their activity for family and friends here on the blog.

Feel free to register and make entries of well wishes and notes to them as they blog their happenings for the next seven weeks!  Service team members say hi too!


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