Thursday, July 29, 2010

Morning Report

So it is bright and early here in Honduras and the roosters are in full swing this morning. It is rare that I am wide awake before Sharon. Most mornings she is wide awake and waiting for me to get my act together. We stayed here with the children yesterday and last night as Maria Elena and Anthony had to make another trip to Puerto Cortes for the container. So instead of making another trip to Puerto Cortes this morning they just stayed overnight to save on travel(3 hours there,3 hours back). Sharon and I woke up really early yesterday morning to finish up the painting on the outside before the sun got too hot, it looks great. I was not sure about the purple and lime green to begin with but now that its all come together the daycare looks fabulous. It is because of all the hard work from our service team along with our Honduran friends that we will be able to open for feeding by the time we leave in August. Today will be a day of cleaning as you can imagine with all the work thats gone on there is alot of it to be done. Its great to think that because we have a facility to accomodate the children we will be able to expand the number of children in our project to 50 children or more. Small children will have the opportunity to get the food they need in a clean and safe environment while their mothers go back to school or work to provide for their families. Its great when a plan works!

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