Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Never Knows......

As we wrapped up finishing touches on the rental house for Los Angelitos in preparation for the arrival of our second group, we sat on the porch outside the home of Maria Elena and Anthony. Whenever there has been a few stolen moments of down time,we are somehow reminded of our purpose. Carla, David's mom, came breathless to see the pastor and his wife. Her multi-handicapped child was very ill and couldn't stop vomiting. She was panicked because she had no money to bring him down the mountain to the clinic in Trinidad. She needed 100 limpira, a mere $6. We walked together to get my money from the project house. I gave her 200. I was unaware that what her plan was included getting her sick child and carrying him to the intersection in the town where pavement turns to dirt and flagging down a car, any car, in order to pay someone to drive them to the clinic. That was truly her only hope for getting her child to a doctor. A sign, a reassurance, call it whatever you need to, a definitive that what Daisy's needs is access to its own vehicle. Just another sign we're on the right path and to move forward.Still looking for those 15-20 people ready to take on perhaps the challenge of YOUR lifetime but the outcome...??? The opportunity to HAVE a lifetime. Let's be in touch. I KNOW from the bottom of my heart that this will be possible. How about you????

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