Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Service Team Arrives in Honduras ...Safe and Sound!

This message is for all the family and friends of the 10 individuals on the service team that arrived in Honduras today! Sharon has contacted me tonight by cell phone and asked me to make this post. Due to lighting showers which are quite common in the mountains, the Internet service is disrupted tonight. She made several attempts to write a blog post herself to no avail!

All members of the service team have made it safe and sound! They are settling in for the evening at their home away from home in the village of Concepcion del Norte!  Sharon said that there are many smiling faces all eager to begin work tomorrow on the Los Angelitos' de Deysi Guarderia (Day care Facility)!  Jessica is doing very well, with no issues or complications. For those who did not know, team member Jessica Marass injured her ankle on last Friday and left this morning from Logan airport with a walking air cast and crutches along with shear determination to remain "On the Island" as Jessica wrote in an email to me yesterday, when deciding if she should cancel her trip or go!  Jessica is "On the Island" and doing fine!  As is all the other team members.

Sharon said she will try again tomorrow to update the blog from the mountain tops of Honduras, after their days work ends on the building refurbish efforts!  Keep checking here for updates.

Steve Beckwith


  1. good news all around! sending prayers of joy for all

  2. I'm glad that everyone is well! Just wanted to say hi to Heidi and let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her!


  3. Hi I`m a friend of Jess`s and think it`s absolutely wonderful what you guys do! Thank you for the update, I`m glad Jess and the others made it safely. Take care!

    ~ Meridith

  4. Heidi and friends glad you made it there safe and sound. What you folks are doing is amazing and very considerate. God Bless you all and keep you safe until you return. Big Hugs Rosemary

  5. Jessie and friends we are so glad you made the trip and are all save and sound You are in our thoughts and prayers We know you will all be just fine and you will teach and learn alot
    Take care beautiful one
    Lots of love and hugs Auntie Tirzah and Uncle Dave

  6. Hey Patty! Looks like you made it! Glad you are all there safe and sound. I can't wait for you to tell me all about the trip! I just wanted to send blessings, light and love your way. You are doing a wonderful thing. I will look for updates from you here and keep you posted on home stuff. Ric said hello and asked if you used the net yet! We had such a great little vacation up at Loon, I almost forgot all about my glasses, gotta head over tomorrow. God bless you and the group and the children. Hugs! Laina