Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday night 10 PM Update.

Hi Everyone,

The evening of my last post updating the arrival of the service team, after all were tucked into bed for that night, Sharon managed to get online for a few minutes and I actually Skyped by video ,herself and Amanda, it was the first time for us to see each other via the internet. They kept getting kicked off their connection, and in between this happening they told me the lightning was fierce outside. It was making them loose their connection and power.      

Each trip to Honduras that Sharon and Amanda have taken, there have been communication hurdles to get over. This trip seems to be following suit with all past trips. I can tell you.. No News is Good News when our family and friends are in Honduras!  When there is no news from Sharon or Amanda,it usually means that the internet and cell service in the remote mountain area they are in, has been taken out by lightning or high winds. Utility repair in Honduras as you might imagine is done by donkey carts and a ladder, not CMP bucket trucks! :)

Sharon will post here or be in touch with me just as soon as some type of communication service is restored. From my experience on this end of their trips, I can tell you the team is busy working and doing what they went there to accomplish! Rest assured that if there is an emergency they will travel hours to find communications to let us know back here.  So as I said before" No News is Good News" !

I hope this helps ease anyone's tensions waiting for news on progress from your family or friends on this service team. 


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  1. Thank you. It made me feel better. I have been concerned about Michelle.I hope they are enjoying their trip and are able to get lots done. Dios los bendice todos!