Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Somewhere Between Mother Theresa and Jesus Freak

Stealing moments between the 2 books I'm reading, The Writings of Mother Theresa and Jesus Freak. As we walk this path, we learn daily that life and the needs of the project change and so we ebb and flow. The AMIGOS container is in Puerto Cortes, a good 3 1/2 hours from the village. Yesterday began day 1 of trying to get papers in order to have the container released. As errands were run to Chiquita, the Banco Ficohsa, etc., we headed back to the village late. The severe thunderstorms of the last several nights left a trail of uprooted trees and debris as well as several new river crossings. As we approached the last hour of travel, the lights on the car went out. After several attempts to determine what happened, Anthony resorted to using the hazard lights to move forward. Fortunately traffic was at a minimum. We made it to Trinidad, 35-40 minutes from Concepcion.The local gas station where we routinely fill up was open, but to no avail concerning the lights. Anthony hired a local tuk-tuk (taxi slash golf cart) to lead the way up the mountain. Shortly thereafter in crossing the flooded road, the tuk tuk got stuck in the river, requiring pushing out of the mud. The words "only in Honduras" rang through the air along with our incredulous laughter. The reality that Maria Elena's and Anthony's car is on its final leg has led us all to the awareness that there is NO program here without reliable transportation. Our return to the states will lead to an all out push with a fundraising challenge. I'll be looking for individuals to join me in this challenge to raise $1000 each in 60 days or less. More details to follow. Take a look at the hole in the road on the throughway to San Pedro Sula!And of course today....more rain and another trip to Puerto Cortes.


  1. Yikes, and "only in Honduras" is right!

    I assume by this post you got back ok to Conception. I learned while in Honduras with you last week, that you get to a point where its ALL out of your hands and you just go with the flow… Which is typically NOT in my nature. ha...

    What's the word on the container, was it released… will it make it up those roads? When do you get it?

    Be safe


  2. Sharon- Daisy's ChildrenJuly 21, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    We did make it back. We will have multiple trips to Puerto Cortes before the container is released. There's always a mile of ridiculous paperwork. usually once it's released the Chiquita truck brings it to the base of the road near Trinidad. from there it is brought up in personal vehicles, smaller trucks and sometimes the mayor provides a larger one but it's all about $$$. We hope it might get here later next week.

  3. So glad the container may be released while you are there.. What great timing.. So happy it made it there! Now you just need 3 months there to get things rolling! Great work girls!


    ps, i miss honduras ….