Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet Mario Jose

As we worked in near impossible heat painting walls, the sweat poured down our necks, backs,etc. Drinking water didn't seem to help. Voices could be heard in the front room. One was undeniably Maria Elena, praying, then singing. Curiosity gave me a good excuse to check out what was happening. Maria Elena was praying as a woman stood before her in tears with a very small bundle wrapped in a receiving blanket. The woman had come to the door for prayers. Her two teenage sons had been brutally removed from her home in the middle of the night by four men and killed. One was 16, the other 17. It had happened recently in Tela. She since has moved to Las Flores. I asked to hold the bundle as prayers continued. Opening the blanket revealed a 2 month old boy with obvious Downs Syndrome. As I was feeling weak and tired, another small one had been brought to our project. We conversed with the mom as little Mario continued to sleep. Mario Jose will have a loving place to be cared for, fed, and adored as his mother has the opportunity to work. Even at our weakest, there is always purpose and hope!


  1. you just have to look at that little face with the smile to know that all the hard work and obstacles are worth it. didn't think i would say i miss the heat - but I do miss Hondorus - says a lot for the project and the people!!
    Hope there will be fewer hassles in getting the container, but then again......
    Please say hi to all and tell Anthony that carl is putting some things together. Now-just to get them there..........

  2. The thoughts of the people in Honduras never leave you after being there. I am going to work on getting the Angel Project under way so that we may raise money to continue the great work that is taking place there. I hope you all are well and looking forward to watching the blogs as the month goes on. :) blessings, Michelle