Monday, July 26, 2010

Work Continues in Spite of Rain and Power Outages

This is strictly a test...for the next 60 days...... Each time we have faced unseasonable heat, torrential rains, or power outages instead of giving in to conditions, the days work schedule has been altered in order to keep pressing forward. There are always willing hands and open hearts, not to mention counting our blessings in different ways. As I finally have both power and internet, I sit ready to start a new day. A walkway and drainage system to aid with quick water removal around the house has been added. The kitchen now has a counter top,cabinet, and sink. The walls will be ready to paint in the kitchen. The back door has been repaired with new locks. You can feel the energy in the air as we move closer and closer. A little and a little. The happiness that will be a daily presence here is palpable each time we forget to lock the front door and another group of children is led through by one of a handful of excited children of our project. Many locals stop by to admire the progress. We wipe the sweat from wherever, take a quick drink of water, and keep going. Nada es facile pero todas es bueno!!! (Nothing is easy, but all is well.)

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