Saturday, August 28, 2010

Los Angelitos Opens September 1st

I'm not sure exactly what to say or how to feel at this moment. So much has come together to make the vision of feeding hungry children a reality. Each step has been gently coddled, moved forward and continually prayed over. Next Wednesday marks an incredible day in the lives of SO many. To those whose efforts to nourish and provide, whether through raising funds or paintbrushes, a tremendous sense of accomplishment and awe. Those wooden doors will REALLY open on Wednesday to the eager sounds of children, 60 of them who will appear at varying times throughout the day to behold a colorful place created just for them. Rooms filled with color, toys, and a monkey or two to entertain little ones as they bathe. Tables and chairs of bright hues with places set for each to receive nutritious food and drink. I can only imagine their thoughts. For the three mothers who will join Maria Elena in providing for the little ones, regular employment and salaries to allow them the dignity of providing for their families. For Maria Elena and myself, moments of gleeful chatter as we celebrate the opportunity to serve the little ones. Whatever your part in past efforts or future ones, please join us on Wednesday in lifting your spirits to know that life IS REALLY good and that you CAN and DO make a difference.

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  1. I had a good friend tell me once, " Take one step and one day at a time things will change." He was a Masai from Kenya who came to the states as a political refugee. He knew what I didn't then but know now. Every little bit makes a difference. It just takes people giving that little bit and making the change.