Wednesday, September 1, 2010


For this humble person on the planet, I lift my heart in great celebration! High on a mountaintop, worlds away from life as we know it, a village awakens to a new day. The same roosters are crowing, villagers are walking to have their corn ground for morning tortillas, but there's a new sense in the air. A sense of anticipation, a sense of wonder, a sense of hope all transmitted through the joyful sounds of my Honduran sister, Maria Elena. Unlike any other morning in this village, sixty children will awaken knowing that they are loved by total strangers. Strangers that know they are worthy of life's abundance. Strangers who came, and saw, and played, and worked hard to make this morning a reality. For today doors will open to food, health, and education for the poorest and some of the youngest of Concepcion del Norte. This humble heart is filled with tearful joy. Joy that I know each of the hearts and hands that made this possible, and joy that I know each of the hands that will receive this gift on a daily basis. Thanks to one and all who have and will continue to contribute to this effort. Share the blessing and enjoy the journey!!!

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