Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Only Took 3 Days!!!!!

As the bus sits outside the window of the daycare , idling, waiting to take passengers to Trinidad and San Pedro Sula, my day begins. The roosters are up. Amanda and I are up. And the internet is down, discovered after a full blog attempt. Into Word to save the thoughts. We finally arrived back in the village of Concepcion last evening, after a full 2 days of further attempts at releasing the container. Of course there have been several more glitches to paperwork. We did manage to get the girls out of Hotel Ejecutivo and to Guamalito market for a little air and shopping. A couple more prizes for the rooster run, an import connection for the project. All is well somewhat. As we made the final turn into Concepcion amidst varying degrees of rain, Amanda gets out of the car and says, ”Did you see the tree on our roof? There’s a tree on our roof!” I hesitated to even look. By the time I mustered up the courage to face the damage, our good friend Yester was already in the yard removing a section of the fence he and Noe had built. Within 30 minutes, he and the other boys had managed to cut the tree down with a machete and remove it from the roof. Damage appears minimal, a tear in the tin. Of course we’ll need to check it out more closely this morning, and deal with repairs. I’m sure there will also be further container adventures but truly…..all is well with life. Bruce and Pam, Ashley and Nicole are here with us as we approach the culmination of a long, hard, wonderful trip.

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