Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Leap of Faith

It is almost unfathomable to be in a position such as this yet here I am. A true test of courage and faith. Maria Elena has communicated a couple of times while in Honduras and since my return. Her heart is heavy and burdened with wrenching decisions. She is overjoyed to be feeding the 60 children within the walls of Los Angelitos, the guaderia (daycare center) created by Daisy's Children. But outside the doors are another 30+ children who come looking for relief from the hunger pangs which are all too common amongst these little ones. "Sister, what do I do? How do I decide?" Again my heart sighs. Though I do not wish to leave anyone hungry, I also know the importance of maintaining the integrity of nutritional levels. Quality and a real difference rather than spreading what's available too thin coupled with the desire to make a valid impact on the needs of any of them. I respond to my sister with," Is there enough food there now?" "Yes." "Then feed them." I know that it is my next urgent step to find or even create the where with all to make it happen. I remind myself it is His next wish and challenge, and I trust that He has chosen wisely when he's left it in my hands (I pray). The way has yet to be determined...the path ahead uncertain but the blessings unfold. "Sister! You know how many childrens I feed today??? 85!!!!!!!!!!

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