Thursday, March 3, 2011

How is it Thursday already?

Nearly a year ago I first learned about Daisy's Children from a passionate and excited Northeastern student. In October I learned that I would be traveling with a group of students to Concepcion del Norte, Honduras for a week of service and cultural immersion. Today, I can't believe that I will leave this beautiful community in just two short days. For a decade, I have traveled and performed community service projects around the globe, but never have I felt so at home as I do here. Every morning and every evening I am greeted with smiles, thank you's, and such love from the children at the daycare, our hosts in town, and community members along the road. Working with an organization that is so connected to the needs of the community is refreshing. It is exciting to watch the transformation that a group of dedicated individuals can have when working towards a common goal. I look forward to completing our projects this week and for staying connected in the years to come.

Sara De Ritter
Northeastern University

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