Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Northeastern University Alternative Spring Break in Honduras

As I finish my first day back in the states much is contemplated amidst a state of fatigue and surrealism. I am wishing my feet were back on Honduran soil amongst the Northeastern University team of enthusiastic, vibrant volunteers. We met them and picked them up at the airport on Saturday. Unfortunately duties back here required that Jennifer and I return to the airport for our departure on Sunday. A farewell of nearly the entire program, villagers, and church members left us both overwhelmed, grateful, and tearful. I left certain that the group was in wonderfully talented and gentile hands with Ryan and the Paz family.Well over 24 hours later we arrived at Jenn's doorstep after a 2+ hour delay in Honduras, sleeping in the Miami airport overnight in multiple cold and contorted positions, and getting to New York only to find we had no room available on our booked plane!?!? A blessing though in that we received sizable vouchers for our next trip, rented a car, and drove home from NYC. Good processing time. A shout out to the Northeastern bunch who were already at work in the guaderia and on the playground when we had reached the rental office in NYC and called Maria Elena in hysterical laughter over the next great part of this amazing adventure! By the way girls- I wore my ASB shirt to school today. Proud to be a part of your group!!!!! Hope you find the opportunity to blog while there. Much love to Ryan and the Paz family!

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