Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Experience Thus Far in Concepion del Norte

The moment we stepped off the plane, I have experienced nothing but sincere gratitude. Everyone here in Honduras is so thankful and gracious to us, it's beyond humbling. One of the first times meeting most of the village was at the church service on Sunday. The children sat next to us and smiled, sang for us, and the adults were just incredibly thankful.Concepion del Norte is beautiful not only because of the mountains that surround it but also because of the people here. The children are adorable and so loveable. I can barely speak Spanish and they still cling to me as if I've known them for ages. We have had so much with the kids so far. We play "footbol" with the older neighborhood kids every day and everyday that we've gone to the Guarderia (the daycare that Daisy's Children runs) we have done tons of activities with the younger children. Yesterday we made rice crispy treats, made puppets with paper bags, and started tye dye-ing t-shirts. We have also done a lot of work outside in the yard next to the daycare. An irrigation system is almost finished so the yard won't be flooded and the kids will have an area to play in. There are so many more things that have added to my awesome experience so far but this blog post would probably end up being around 3 pages single spaced. Besides the memories of the activities I have done here, I will take home and share with people how thankful these people are despite their quality of living. It breaks my heart to see the kids come to the daycare so hungry, or hear that they have no food or clean water so the Pastore brings some to them. The sickness that hits the village is another thing that really breaks my heart; leaving kids as orphans because their mother died of cancer and their father isn't around. I wish I could stay here longer or bring more supplies and food, anything that would help the people here. And I really hope more volunteers decide to come here and help out in Concepion del Norte, because it is nothing but an amazing experience. Plus, Marialena is the best cook in Honduras. Or North America. I suggest looking at Marcela's blog for things that I left out. Adios amigos!
-Cassie Gucwa

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