Friday, August 5, 2011

Onward and Upward...Are You With Us?????

Just returning to reality after a week of R&R at the lake. I try to give myself some down time but I have to admit that the true sense of urgency for the children of Daisy's crops up even when I think I'm relaxing. I woke up one morning on vaca and was intent on starting our upcoming road race in a particular way. I was conversing with the race coordinator, I affectionately call Uncle Tim. As I realized I must have been dreaming, I let my conscious self calm the inner worrier. Deep breaths allowed me to regain composure and realize that all will be well and good. How do I know this? Faith. Faith that I am on the chosen path, faith in Tim and Nancy and Heather. And faith in you. I know that you will search your soul and your pocketbook and make each deserving child's dream a reality in as much as you are able. It's a simple be able to go to sleep with a full stomach.....full of food,not parasites. To be able to dress and go to school. To be able to count on tomorrow rather than dread it. Go ahead; think a while....change a life....change a village....change the world. $10 provides 18 meals, $25- 46 meals, $50- 94 meals for a child. You decide.

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