Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ONE CAN!!!!!

One individual can unselfishly give from the heart and potentially change the course of an entire village. I have met this individual only through emails. That individual could be you. I have been that individual and what I have received in return is nearly unfathomable. An evening email of inquiry was followed with our project's response to questions regarding our goal to provide clean water to the children. Currently we purchase bottled water in 5 gallon bottles similar to those we purchase for home and office here at the rate of 26 limpira/$1.37USD.An incomprehensible expense to villagers who make less than $2-$3 USD/day. How can they provide clean water to a family of 6-8? Early morning responses spoke to our projected course of action and costs.These details were disclosed: $76 USD will provide a large filter for a school with a capacity of producing 60L/hr; $37 USD will provide a 20L/hr home system for a family of 6-10 members, with a replacement liner costing $27 USD being required in 1 year. Our hopes are to begin with purchasing and placing four larger filters in our guarderia and three others in each of the village schools; the kindergarten, the elementary school, and the village collegio which serves the equivalent of 6-12th grade. The thoughts are that this will meet the largest population of children in the most controlled or readily trained environment. Nearly immediately funds for purchase and shipping arrived. Follow up has been made to Ecofiltro of Guatemala to determine final costs, educational resources for the key locations, expected delivery, and total costs. Ecofiltro is the selected source as we are familiar with them through work in nearby Guatemala and that the purchase through this company will also support indigenous families like our own. The potential for improved health and the number of children reached will be incredible. Because ONE CAN!!!!! The total American cost to provide drinkable water for a full year to a family of 6-10 is a mere $64 USD (the equivalent of a pair of shoes). Will you be that next individual? Contact us. 'Be the change you wish to see in the world.' Ghandi

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