Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazingly Humble Morning

Quietly grateful for the many blessings!!! Completely humbled by yet another gathering of open, spirited people who literally after my telling the story behind our efforts in Honduras emptied their pockets and wallets to raise $1100. The beginnings of our vehicle funding. I am always pleasantly reminded of the fact that there is SO much good in the world in spite of the headlines and millions being spent on political jockeying so prevalent in our current media efforts. We continue to connect the 'good dots' on the planet, knowing that good and justice do prevail when given the opportunity. To all who attended- the words seem empty. Please walk away knowing that your efforts will spring forward to provide a means to fulfilling our goal. To those who were unable to attend or who wish to do more, please think about sharing your home and circle of friends in a similar way. Together we can and will change the outcome for many of these children, one evening at a time, one contribution at a time. In honor of those we serve, muchas gracias y dios bendiga!

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