Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Do You Measure......???

How do you sum up life in a week, a day, an hour in the village? Perpetual motion, rollercoaster emotions. From ecstatic highs at seeing healthy children readying for their school the gripping sights of shelter from the storm for so many. A week spent navigating through a myriad of medical settings in the village, Trinidad, and Santa Barbara all in need of basic supplies we so take for granted. The miracle of clean drinking water for the children, used by gentle hands filled with abundant love to prepare the next nutritious meal for 100+ children. The simple joy of a young boy licking his fingers while eating the roasted chicken set before him. The wash of emotions as you hold the hand of a child as she has a wound cleaned and drained, crying because their is no anesthesia and no towel available to dry her long hair.Fatigue sets in. Your body tires as you think through the depth of such profound experiences all the while readying for the next steps in the process. Bags to be packed with medical supplies and more uniforms for the children. Contacts to be made to insure the success of the next major event. A deep breath, a sigh, and an inner reassurance that all will be well as you move towards what is right and just in this world. A peaceful smile crosses your face as the images of children come to mind. The remembrance of small voices laughing as they play again reassuring you that this is the journey you are meant to travel. Anyone else out there ready to come along?(

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