Saturday, February 18, 2012

Safe, Sound and Hitting the Ground Running

Our first day in the village is only half over and we have accomplished much legwork. We have been to Trinidad to visit the first of three local clinics and a hospital that we are visiting to possibly set up a partnership with Partners for World Health via their Strategist, Patricia Normand, who is here with me. We will meet with the administrator later. We were greeted upon our return by Yester and Sindy, two of our orphaned children. Yester came because he knew I would be an easy mark for a chicken for lunch. They waited patiently for our return. Pictures speak a 1000 words they say. We also sorted school uniforms, medical supplies and gifts for sponsor families.First thing this morning we walked to the guarderia and saw the new Ecofiltro at work providing clean drinking water for all our children. And to think it's only afternoon!!!!

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  1. OMG! Look at Yester! He looks so good!

    A Note to all:

    I personally have never met these children, but through Sharon's joys and tears,(mine too!)with all my worries as a husband back in the States, I have witnessed their photos since day one, I have watched their lives be changed with all that Daisy's Children supporters have done and I feel like I too know each of these children!

    I personally would like to say to all that support and have supported the Daisy's Children efforts, big or small.... You deserve a big hug and a major round of applause! Thank you for helping make such a huge difference in the lives of these families in such economic hard times, together we can and you have made a difference!