Friday, April 13, 2012

Dos Hermanas

The soothing tone of her broke English always puts my soul at ease. We can be thousands of miles apart and yet our hearts share the same pangs of sadness over the loss of an unborn child. At other times we revel in laughter as we interchange languages throughout our conversation. No matter what the circumstances we ponder through, we end our time on the phone with great love and thankfulness that we have been brought together on this less traveled road. As we speak of summer plans and efforts to bring a group to the village to aid in reconstructing a 2 room schoolhouse, a myriad of plans,emotions, events, and details wash away as the conversation turns to little Yester and his sister Sindy.I share details of the work Ashley has done and her planned return. Time passes quickly and my Honduran sister reminds me that we are blessed. I send hugs to my village family and a few adoring words to Yester and others as we part,only to carry one another in our thoughts and deeds on behalf of the children we share.Buenas noches hermana! Dios bendiga!

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