Saturday, April 28, 2012

Share the Noise, Use Your Voice

Not a day goes by that I don't reach deep for the faith and conviction it takes to be the voice for the children of Honduras. I breathe deeply at crossroads where the next step of putting myself out into the world in this role makes my heart race or stomach churn. Then there is quiet. As nervous as one can be when you step into a crowd, a microphone in front of you, seems minimized when I remember how fortunate I am to have the luxury to step out of the dust and poverty to return to another life. Though I leave my heart behind with Lourdes, Yester, and countless others, I will have the opportunity to raise the standards of their lives by doing what brings all of you to their story. We are a mere week away from celebrating the multitude of blessings all have brought to this tiny village. May 5th will find me facing familiar faces and those new to the project, in front of a microphone. I am well aware that the words will come as they need to. There will be moments to pause, reflect. The tone of my voice will shake in a blend of heartfelt emotions,  sheer joy at your presence, humility, and incredulous gratitude. For now, an invitation to you. Please come stand at Jonathan's on Bourne Street, Ogunquit to lift our hearts and toast the presence of 104 children who will face a day with full stomachs and hope in their hearts because of YOU! Return to the Spotlight segment of our website and link to purchase your ticket. The life you change may very well be your own!!!!!

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