Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Day at the Lake.....in Honduras

Beauty Abounds!
Lake Yojoa
Directing Traffic
Monday is supposed to be a day off for pastors in Honduras. That is always difficult for Anthony and Maria Elena. There are very infrequent moments of silence or rest for them. Since the people here know that Anthony has been to the US they expect that he returned with pockets full of money, so the phone has rung continually with requests for loans, stories of illness, and need. No time left for a family reunion.....enter a plan. Since I have not been to several nearby locations, I initiated a plan. We all-even Samuel and Alison (M.E. and Anthony's children), prepared for a day in the car and at the lake. Part of the hidden plan was also for me to explore a couple of locales for the group coming in February to end their trip with a day of exploration and a day of rest. We stopped at the lake, Lago de Yojoa, to enjoy the view, check a restaurant, and.....of course the children and I needed a ride to explore the lake. Beauty abounds. A short ride in the car....all is relative.... and we arrived at Hotel Finca Las Glorias for lunch and a tour. In part this place is an active farm growing beautiful flowers and coffee. They also are privileged to have horses, boats, billiards, a swimming pool, beautiful gardens, and cabins for lodging. There are cabins for  4-8 people, all at ridiculously low prices for Americans. The land, tranquility, and incredible views of the lake make this a very real possibility for a group option. In the meantime, I can hear the laughter of this family who works so hard for the people of Concepcion. Tired bodies return home after much laughter and singing in the car. Mission accomplished!!!!

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