Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Morning Out There

Carla, Roberto, and Joyeis
Deysi's Actual Children
A new day starts with the rhythmic sound of a nearby machete and the view of a local transporting his milk for sale in large plastic containers tied to the sides of the 2 horses he leads. What will the day bring? One never knows but the anticipation is always there. Thoughts roam to those not so gentle reminders of my work here. Last night I was again witness to a Quincinerra ceremony. It is a traditional fiesta celebrated when a young girl reaches her 15th birthday. The resourcefulness of these people is evident. Dresses similar to our proms are borrowed from friends and relatives in the city. As the celebration continues, the rich voice of Josue begins singing the original song chosen for our project. My voice joins in as the lyrics sing of children being seen when noone else was looking, being loved when noone else cared, and being given a name when noone else would. It is a song I chose when I only understood the word 'nino' as we drove to Santa Barbara for the first time to purchase food for a family that literally took my breath away when I saw and felt to my core their level of poverty. As I sang it last night with tears of incredible humility running down my face, the same daughter from this family sat in my lap. As if that wasn't enough to convince me a glance to the side confirmed everything. Roberto and Carla sat on the bench beside me, Deysi's children. A new day of conviction ahead as- get this- I am about to become a pig and goat farmer. More on this later. Enjoy your day and remember to count your blessings.

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