Saturday, July 14, 2012

Serendipity!?!?!? Call it what you will.....View

View from the street, Los Angelitos
Guarderia (Casa Verde), left foreground
I no longer believe that things just happen out of coincidence. Each step is set before you as part of an intricate plan where many things are interconnected as if in a maze or a puzzle. Sometimes you get to be a part of its direction, and others......well....... On Thursday Maria Elena and I set off to San Pedro Sula to accomplish errands and await the arrival of Anthony, her husband, who was returning on an evening flight. Since the city is a good distance, and travel so difficult, I decided to combine this trip with some project needs. I wanted to purchase a modem to my computer in order to have more frequent access and I also wanted to return to Guamelito, my favorite market place. There I would purchase some typical pottery and other products to use for upcoming events. I planned on heading there later in the day. Maria Elena wanted to go in the morning and pursue other ventures in the afternoon. Soooo......we went. As we made our way into the marketplace, we entered through the back to avoid certain aggressive vendors in hopes of a more relaxed opportunity to browse. If you hesitated to look even briefly, you were quickly assaulted with "Good price for you" or "Passe adelante (come in)". As we pushed our way further into the maze of stalls, Maria Elena's voice suddenly was filled with nothing short of surprise and sheer joy. A turn of her body, the touch of her hand, and I was immediately guided into an introduction.  I was face to face with a Menonite, familiar from many lengthy chats with Maria Elena in her home. This was the Menonite woman who has custody of Maria, the youngest of Deysi's children. We excitedly shared our first moments talking about all of the children, me sharing pictures of Maria's siblings and  'Daisy's Children'. I passed her a card and thanked her for caring for Maria. I was then introduced to a second Menonite who also cared for 5 children, many of them at her side. Again quick, gracious exchanges and their promise to visit Concepcion to see the project. Five to ten brief minutes, yet so much more. Then onto what I thought was the agenda for the day. Hmmmm...........not so much, seester!

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