Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A New Day................

After feeding a hungry group of children, we returned home for our own breakfast. In the near distance we heard the creak of the metal gate which serves as the entrance to hope for many. A young woman had ridden her horse for 4 1/2 hours to present her needs to Maria Elena in hope of gaining aid for the children she serves. She is a kindergarten teacher in a village high in the mountains only accessible by foot or horse. She had heard from others about Maria Elena. She knew buckets of food were coming from the United States and she hoped that her seven kindergarten students could receive food so that they might be able to concentrate more. The nearby elementary school sends four horses with their riders each year to pick up the contents of their AMIGOS buckets. We conversed for some time to share the fact that I also teach kindergarten and to inquire about the needs of her students. They have no pencils, no notebooks, no shoes........a school budget is unimaginable here. I feel a gift of hope on the horizon.... maybe even a long horseback ride in the near future......hmmmmm!

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  1. Sharon- Gram Barb had some donations given to her via Staples.. I will be sure she packs them this time.. Sounds like they are desperately needed by this teacher..