Thursday, July 30, 2009

As the Sun Rises

As dawn strikes in the village of Concepcion del Norte I find myself sitting on the porch contemplating the many crucial tasks ahead. The only ones up in this quiet (?!?) place are the local alarm clocks pictured here, the horse in the yard and a scattered farmer moving his small herd of cattle to fresh grazing. The chickens scratch for food, and the local scrawny cat has already been shewed out of the house. These moments should be settling as the sun begins to peer over the trees but they are anyhting but. A sense of urgency as the days here draw nearer to a close. There's much to be accomplished and prioritized. I remind myself one day at a time, trust,faith. This day will bring us to the mayor's office once more to negotiate the placement of water filters in our families' homes. Discussions will begin around the reconstruction of a school. A trip to Las Flores to deliver clean water to Yester's mom, to be followed up with the instructions on mixing his supplements properly being reinforced. While at the mayor's we will also investigate the cost behind installing a bathroom and running water in their home. A future trip to another agency's nutritional support project will be planned. Monday will bring a trip to local schools to begin a sister school program. So much for one day at a time!:-) Somehow under all this lies my conviction that all will be placed before me as it is needed for these children, and with each step will be a new test, followed by a new lesson. What will yours be?!? Enjoy the day you have been blessed with! Dios bendiga!

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