Saturday, August 1, 2009

EMERGENCY CALL OUT TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If ever you have looked to the heavens or fallen on your knees to ask for anything now is the time to do this in honor of Yester Antonio Perdormo. Call or email your contacts, notify your congregation. This child is in need of a world-wide chain of prayers, soul searching, mantras, whatever you choose to seek in times of need or weakness. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. I implore you! A drive to Los Flores found a far graver situation than we were prepared for when we saw Yester. A limp child held in a mother's arms called for immediate action. With the nearest hospital some 40 minutes or more away, we pressed forward. There is NO rapid to it. The road is a dirt one ravaged with the recent rains. Three herds of cattle and two road check points later we were getting closer. The fact that we were identified as Americans with a grave child in the car and again in the emergency room pushed us through channels with little if any detaining us.Amanda drove as I sat in the back, rubbing Yester's forehead or holding his hand. I explained in Spanish to Yester that we were taking him to the hospital in hopes of getting him better. He nodded in acceptance with those sad brown eyes. As he climbed back into his mom's lap after a brief nap on the seat, he reached out the tiniest of hands. When I told him how cute he was, he shook his head yes and said, "I know." Even in his weakest moments his humor and wit shine through. As the doctor examined him and looked at the medications previously prescribed by the pediatrician from San Pedro Sula he openly said, "This child might die." Yester began to cry as yet another emergency practictioner prepared for starting an IV and taking blood samples. We walked to the records department to prepare for his admission where we were told he couldn't be admitted until we gave the man behind the desk his father's name. There has never been a father in Yester's life. Maria Elena went and amazingly came back with Yester's birth certificate from the tattered plastic bag Mirna had brought along. We were told that Yester will stay through the weekend, being sustained with IV fluids and have more tests on Monday. I cannot tell you how hard it was to walk away with a kiss for Mirna and one on Yester's forehead. The few limpira I pressed into Mirna's hand seemed meager when I realized that she was prepared to stay at his bedside with no food. The silence on the ride home spoke volumes to the gravity of the situation.Arrangements were made in Los Flores for a safe overnight for Yester's sister, Sindy. She will spend the day with us on Sunday.Monday we return to the hospital for 7am to be with mirna and Yester. May he feel your love and support. It will be a long weekend on a mountain top in Honduras.

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