Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Faces in Waiting

Lourdes and Naun stand in the doorway of their home as we arrive with the biweekly provisions. Staples of beans, rice, vegetables, meat, milk, sugar, oil, flour, corn flower, pasta, tomato sauce, soup, cereal,oatmeal, baking soda, and a treat of cookies for the children are among the food delivered. Commodities such as toilet paper, toothpaste, bleach, shampoo, and soap for bathing are also included. On alternate weeks fresh fruit, milk, and childrens vitamins are also given for daily supplementation. As we delivered to our final home, reality for this project struck hard. A little girl followed me in the street as I delivered to the home of Sindy, Carla, and David. She pleaded several times, " Dame tu corrazon! Dame tu corrazon!" What she was saying was," Give me your heart! Give me your heart!" What she meant was urgent. "I am hungry. Please bring me food too." With new worldwide sanctions denying aid to the interim government, it makes my plea to all of you even more urgent. Please find it in your heart to help feed these children who are desperate and need the intervention we provide. Families seek our help daily. It is difficult and often impossible to turn away. A mere $1.70 a day will provide sustenance, opportunity, hope and love. So skip that extra cup of coffee or midday snack and use your pocket change to reach a child desperate for a chance in life.

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