Friday, February 25, 2011

A Mountain of Possibilities, True Hope

The morning has started. The sounds of life in the village fill the air...the local bus engine, the dove in the tree, and of course-my favorite....the multitude of roosters crowing. A rushed moment for reflection and beginning another day certain to be filled with surrealism. How do you measure success is the prevailing question. Is it in the kiss on your neck from a frightened mother as you whisper the love in your heart? Or is it in the speechless stream of tears as a young boy receives the gift of an education in the contents of a backpack give by last summer's volunteer? Perhaps its the firm embrace of a 'little' in her uniform, fresh and crisp as she prepares for a day in Kinder, a child whose mother lies awaiting her final call in a hospital nearby? Or is it in the incredulous look on the face of an elder son who has grown in the program and realizes that the hope of university is in the horizon?? The laughter in the kitchen of the guaderia after hours as Jenn shares her spirit and her peanut butter cookie recipe with the women who work there? The mud covered flip flop of a near stranger playing with the older children in the yard after gathering a multitude of images for sharing this journey? Not to mention the mayor's agreement to provide land in exchange for the rehab of a small school for adult ed classes and our high school students study area. Or perhaps it was the gathering of the children outside as the gravel was delivered for a drainage system for a future playground?? Just a single day in this village, filled with amazing gifts of hope and promise. Join us as we bring these promises to fruition and share the bountiful return!!!!!

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  1. Pam and Bruce offer their "congratulations!" on the crazy but safe journey and the continuing good work for the three of you, and the "spring break crew".