Saturday, February 26, 2011

Over the Moon

As morning creeps into the village so does the overwhelming sensation of being 'over the moon'. Yesterday brought a day of sheer joy to all as final provisions for the Northeastern University group were purchased, rooms were readied, and necessities purchased in San Pedro Sula for Los Angelitos. Gracious donations allowed us to purchase restaurant sized pans for cooking for the 60 children who come daily to the guaderia for nourishment as well as a tortilla press and hotair popcorn popper. Jenn and Ryan stayed back at the daycare to teach the children how to use the digital cameras we had brought in hopes of gaining images to share. Yester anxiously greeted us with a huge smile as the box of Campero Chicken was produced from the backseat of the car. Fresh danitas (mini delicious bananas) purchased at a roadside stand became a sweet part of a simple supper as we furthered conversations to make certain all was ready for the groups arrival. Today we compose our commitment letter to the mayor to form a partnership to build an orphanage, rehab a school, and construct a combination vocational center and permanent volunteer housing. It's morning, the moon is distant, but somehow like the Little Prince, a ladder is being built to make the voyage for these children, their mothers, and this village a reality. All I have to do is take that first step. I know that those who share the vision will hold the base of the ladder and when I hesitate, they will push me forward with faith and love. The children's smiles will be the fuel that keeps the rocket propelled. Ready to purchase your ticket? Groups are forming as I sit here. Pick up your talents, your tools, your gifts, and come along. The countdown begins. "Houston, we are ready for take off. 10,9. 8.......

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  1. I can't wait to sit down with you when you get back. Amazing!!!!!! God Bless you all