Monday, July 25, 2011

It's A New Day for Naun!!!!!

In 2008, I was blessed with the gift of a return trip to Honduras. I had just returned to Maine with a deep inner connection to three young children and a woman I had never met. I had many questions about why me? How do I do this? What information do I need to convey? I had made a phone call to my travel partner and told her I needed to be back in the village of Concepcion only 5 days later. In fact, we both found ourselves arriving into the welcoming arms of Maria Elena and Anthony only 5 days later. As the days led us through endless hours of inquiry it also brought us new challenges, both physical and emotional. On Monday, Maria Elena quietly informed us of a family she thought needed our program. She told me to get my head ready and Amanda to get her heart ready. Nothing could prepare me for what I would discover. As I stood outside what could only be imagined as a home, Maria Elena urged me to go inside. At that point I thought the home was empty. You could see through the walls. I stood on an uneven floor of concrete and tile, broken and dirty.There was no light, it took several moments for my eyes to focus. As I turned around with my eyes yet focusing, I discovered Naun. On the floor, in a pile of ragged garments, lay a baby covered in dirt and flies. The sight was so moving that the air was taken out of my lungs....I had no voice. It felt like a cement block on my chest. I needed to pull from within and above to find the strength to speak to the mother coming from the river in order to offer what I was about to propose.
We have traveled so far since then......this morning I received an email from a gentleman who wishes to sponsor Naun for a full year!!!!!! Bless him. He brings so much more than food and water to this child. He brings light, promise, hope of a future far different than yesterday's. It's a new day!!!!!!!!

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